"The Future is Here: Powering Online Digital Payments”

Digital transformation is no longer a choice for businesses - It's essential for survival.


Cybertabs can offer merchants of any category innovative ways to process payments securely online through its own ecommerce platform eCadence, which can be taylored to the Merchant's specifications .

eCadence is a managed platform designed to provide expansive capabilities and achieve a complete online order fulfilment solution. When paired together with our EWallet Online Payment Solution module you will have a total fulfilment package with access to multiple shipping solutions and a robust six portal gateway system.

  • Other Benefits Include:
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Customer Support Telephonic and Online Ticketing System
  • Virtually Unlimited Distribution Locations
  • Certified Networks
  • Active Development Team


Introducing our managed standalone EWallet Online Payment Solution plugin which makes use of Blockchain technology as part of an E Commerce solution in a “closed loop” digital wallet process for a merchant account as a customer payment option. Whereby a dedicated customer card payment is transacted, using a secure digital token, for a specific product or service.

This ensures a seamless, secure, efficient online transaction, far superior to competing “open loop” digital wallets that simply load a customers money into an E Wallet for restricted general purchases. This will also be available for use on existing commercial Ecommerce stores such as Shopify.

  • ACH Payments.
  • Credit and Debit card processing.
  • Alternate Payments including Fiat and Crypto.


Cybertabs and its associated operating Partners in the EWallet online customer payment process will continue to develop their solution to align seamlessly with the ever evolving digital payment landscape, ranging from central bank issued digital currencies and crypto currencies to digital token payments.

This comprehensive approach to digital online payments ensures not only the secure transmission of merchant account customer transactions, but the longevity of merchants and their business success whilst assisting the UK to ensure that it maintains its leading global status in the Fintech sector.


We can add your own businesses branding labels to your platform, or alternatively create your own unique branding for you.


Our support team are available 24/7 via phone, live chat or support ticket. Error correction support is carried out in a maximum of 48 hours from the time the support ticket is raised.


Our platforms are fully customizable which means they can be changed to match our clients own look and feel.

Customer Contact

Keep you customers up to date either by emailing them individually or sending out mass updates to your entire client base using our mass emailer.

Cybertabs Platform Features

At Cybertabs we understand that each of our clients needs may be different, that is why if you feel like less is more you may choose not to include certain features.

Customer Database

Visually explore your customers data through a broad range of modern data visualizations, and an easy-to-use customer management experience.

SafeGuard Your Data

Our servers are audited regularly for attempted break-ins as well as kept up to date with all security patches and exceptions.

Platform Settings

eCadence is programmed to maintain the well being of your store. Configure housekeeping tasks to perform automatically to the schedule you set.

Order Fulfillment

One click is all it takes for eCadence to approve the pending order and process any transactions. At the same time a shipping label is created and ready for printing.

Customer Rewards

A full-featured rewards program with cash back or discounts. Here you can look at your points balance, apply points to the card, or create discount codes.

Affiliate Network

The ability to offer an Affiliate Program whereby affiliates have full control of their pricing as defined by the minimum prices set.

Shipping Locations

eCadence determines the location of the customer and renders a customized list of shipping options to the customer during checkout.

Reporting Service

eCadence reporting system provides a way for administrators and affiliates to create comprehensive reports which are downloadable in either PDF, HTML or Excel.


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